20 July 2012

Recent buys...

*primark studded pumps £8* - *1960's playing cards 50p* - *1950's pixie 20p* - *vintage 50's/60's Jewelcraft charm bracelet £1.50* - *kitsch 50's souvenir bull free* - *swan ring 50p* - *beetle ring £1* - *1970's felt hat £1*

None of that will be in order to the pictures because of this silly phone app!! But that's a mixture of my recent buys! Not many booties visited this week as I've had a vile case of food poisoning! Hope everyone's feeling better than me and enjoying this rather rare sunshine!!

Laura xx

3 July 2012

Testing, testing, 123...

Right so I keep saying it but I'm useless at all this blog malarky! So let's see if this'll work - blogging from my phone! I've been a busy bee up to last weekends Sutton vintage fair, working full time, 3 wedding commissions to do and a whole new line of jewellery for the fair?!!

Here's some pics from Sundays fair! You can find me on instagram #vintagelaura - right then fingers crossed that this works and you might be seeing a bit more of me!

Can't wait to have a catch up with some of my favourite bloggers!

Laura xx

26 January 2012

I'm back...

Well it's been a while... Apologies for my lack of blogging, I've never been very good at this blogger lark but this time I'm gonna stick to it!!

Above - my vintage dog "collection" in the craft room

Blogging was a chore on my old laptop, I'd upload pics and end up getting very frustrated at it's slowness and constant crashing. I never got a new one because it wasn't broke, just a big pain in the bum. But one day I turned it on and was faced by a blank screen, so after ranting about "how they don't make 'em like they used to", I decided to embrace modern technology and got myself a schnazzy pink number (granted I only bought it for it's prettiness), but I have to say I'm a little in love!

 So what's new with Vintage Laura xx? Well I've done 2 more Sutton Vintage and Arts fairs - photos can be found on my Facebook page. One where I met the lovely Vintage Vixen! I'm soon to have my advertisement in The Vintage Directory - you can pre-order your copy here. I'm currently working on some new one-off jewellery pieces, a Marilyn pendant range, a new Summer-inspired range, purses and cushions. I'm also trying to tackle creating a website which is coming along quite nicely!

    Above - sneak peek at the new Marilyn range   

Above - the new purse range  

Now time for me to catch up with your blogs!!

Laura xx